2017. a recap.

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

I'll start with a suggestion.

Let’s take all that pretty Christmas wrapping paper and wrap up 2017, put a sparkly red bow on it and set it on a shelf next to a trophy, or diploma, or some other beautiful token that represents achievement. Don’t get rid of it. Just set it there. Cause unlike the flask you got from Uncle Joe as a joke or the pink bunny onesie my mother bought my husband last year, you might need this someday.

I have gathered that 2017 felt like a military boot camp for many. Me included. If this is true for you then you have some life lessons underneath the perfect folds and creases of that wrapping paper you just covered 2017 in. Put it on the shelf. Bring it out when you need a little reminder of what you overcame and just how badass you are!

Here’s my play by play of 2017...

Two major storms hit Albany, GA in January. Storm #1 was not officially a tornado but almost, and resulted in us being displaced from our home for two weeks because we were without power. We had a friend that was gracious enough to let us stay with him those 2 weeks, dog and mom-in-law included. Storm #2 was an actual tornado.

I started reading for leisure again.

Trump was inaugurated. It wasn’t a dream. It was real. I am pleased to say that I did not end up in a Georgia cotton field though....I’m practicing finding silver linings.

I got married at the courthouse on February 17th !!

March started with my dad going back to jail after 11 years of being on the straight and narrow. Consequently, I inherited his cat and dog so they wouldn’t be abandoned. I almost shit my pants on that 24 hour drive home with them and broke down crying twice. We are now a family of 5 and I point to those 3 jokers when people ask me annoying questions about kids.

We had two wedding showers in April. We purchased two duplexes (our first set of investment properties) this same month. Oh and we moved into one of those units too. April was rough.

I had a huge blow out with my mother-in-law in May. We lived together then and I am not proud to say that we probably went an entire month without saying a word to each other. I started feeling like my angry childhood self and finally decided to go to therapy because I wasn’t shaking it on my own. That therapist sucked, didn’t listen, talked more than me and was just throwing diagnoses around so that insurance would pay for the session. I wrote her a check, paid out of pocket and never went back.

We thought my dad’s dog Rainey was on her way to doggie heaven. But turns out it was just an abnormal period and she needed her uterus removed. My bank account, clean carpet, and sanity went right with it.

I was late to work at least 3x a week from March all the way up until I quit because any of the 3 jokers who are all trained btw! messed in the house always between 8-8:15am when I was on my way out the door. They were all culprits but I think my little fox Anya was the biggest jackass of them all. Thank God for baby gates because they were all about to get the boot. I am happy to say we made it through the storm.

My first nephew/godson was born in July!

I applied for a job, completed a 3 part interview process and was rejected.

I got married again on my 6th anniversary in Cabo!

I celebrated my 27th birthday.

I started this blog.

My mother in law moved out and got her own place.

I quit my job. My husband found a new job.

We left GA and moved to OH.

My second nephew was born in December!

We purchased our 3rd property for this year.

I cried. I laughed. I smiled. I witnessed God’s glory every step of the way.

Some crappy stuff to deal with, but a lot of blessings too. There are things in this post that no one outside of family knows. There are things, particularly pertaining to my dad, that I could have left out. But it was a major event that drastically changed and shaped my life this year. I have been struggling with whether or not to publicly share anything related to it and in what way. But this is my life and I said I would be real. So this is my confession to the world.

Life lessons galore for 2017. And that’s why I tell you to wrap it up and keep it around. Don’t forget about it. I’m sure I could write another long post about all the insight I gained and lessons I learned and how I grew from each of these situations or how I regressed at certain points during the year. But for right now I will just tell you to keep your head up my friend, push forward and know that in your darkest moments something truly amazing is coming your way!

I leave you with this quote I saw on Instagram...

“When you look back on 2017, don’t think of it as a year of pain, but a year of growth. You made it through each day. You should be proud of yourself. You are a better you despite all the hardships. Take a deep breath and enter 2018 with hope and confidence." -unknown

Peace be with you.


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