fasting in the New Year.

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

It’s time for resolutions and telling ourselves we’re going to get rid of bad habits and replace them with good ones. And in 2-4 weeks we will fall off and tell ourselves that we’ll try again next Monday, next month or next year.

I don’t particularly care for New Year's resolutions and the whole new year new me thing. But the new year does present the opportunity to make a positive change and set some new goals, so I do understand.

Last year, midway through January, my husband and I did a fast the 30 days leading up to our courthouse wedding in Feb. It wasn’t a full on Daniel fast or anything, and no time restrictions on when we could or couldn't eat. We simply picked a few food and beverage items to eliminate from our diet. We both chose meat and alcohol. My husband added chips to his list and I added coffee and ice cream to mine.

We were pretty successful aside from our 3 cheat days that we pre scheduled because we already had dinner plans with some friends and didn’t want to cancel or make them feel forced to change what they were preparing. Most diets allow for a cheat day here and there anyway right? *Shrugs*

This year we’re doing a similar fast again for 30 days in January with no scheduled cheat days this time. No meat or alcohol for both of us. And no social media (Instagram and Facebook) or GroupMe for me in addition to that. The food and beverage stuff is easy peasy. It’s the social media and chatting it up with my girls from college that gets me.

Phone addiction is real y’all, and so is FOMO. The 5 min phone break that accidentally turned into 30 that accidentally led to a 2 hour nap will turn what was supposed to be a highly productive day into a stream of negative thoughts about how unproductive and undisciplined I am and how much time I wasted. Next thing you know I’m looking at the clock and drawing arrows on my to do list, pushing stuff to tomorrow.

I try logging out of my accounts or deleting the apps completely to cut my access. Too bad that only works a percentage of the time. Swipe left three times. Oh nope, just the weather and travel apps over here. Swipe right two times. No Instagram here. Repeat. Then I refresh my inbox even though Gmail is open on my computer screen and finally proceed to opening and closing apps I don’t use while I argue with myself that it will just be a quick break and I’ll get right back to what I was doing. Do they have therapy for this kind of thing yet?

You would think that having to put in my password every time or redownload from the App Store would deter me. You thought wrong. So did I. If I want a distraction bad enough and don’t want to work on whatever it is I’m working on, these fingers don’t mind typing it in real quick in order to get my social media fix. It’s a good thing that we haven’t had WiFi the first week of being in Columbus. We’re over here rationing out our data and still got that “AT&T Free Msg: You used 75% of your 5,120 MB shared plan data” one week into our billing cycle.

Leading up to today I have only been able to sneak in a quick 60 second scroll down my IG timeline here and there and haven’t cut up with my girls in a few days. I definitely needed the transition before going cold turkey. I am glad however, that the AT&T technician set up our internet today. Bless his heart. It's frigid this week and he was outside for probably 3 hours.

I'm sure I've provided a good enough argument for why I need to do this fast.

While I usually roll my eyes at New Year's resolutions, this go round is an opportune time for all the new year nonsense. I’m in transition. I just moved to a new city, and I’m not currently employed. There really ain’t too many excuses I can use for not preparing a healthy meal, doing a home workout, meditating or praying. I guess if I have a “resolution” it’s striving for healthy mind, body, soul. Resolution or no resolution, I like the idea and maybe new tradition of starting the year with a fast, detox, whatever you want to call it.

2017 started with a bang, and not a good one. But so far on this cold 2nd day of 2018, no tornadoes have hit and there aren’t any in the forecast for the remaining 3 hours. I think it's safe to say I should be able to get off to a good start without anything drastic happening. Right? We'll see.

Whether you do or don’t like New Year's resolutions or made some changes yesterday or 2 months ago, I pray you are blessed with consistency and discipline and I hope you pray the same for me.


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