New Year fast update. day 12.

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Hey y'all! Hope your January has been absolutely fabulous so far! I have no complaints, and that is a beautiful thing.

Almost half way done with my fast. For those not up to date, I gave up meat, alcohol, and social media (FB, IG, and GroupMe) for the month of January.

No major struggles so far. One huge difference between Albany and Columbus is the unlimited options for food and the ease in finding vegetarian sections on restaurant menus. I can order more than a salad when I go out to eat, like the spicy Hawaiian vegetable pasta dish I had last weekend. Yum! Who thinks to eat pineapple, oranges, broccoli, red peppers, and snap peas in the same dish with spaghetti noodles? Vegetarians who want to eat good food too! That's who!

I have to commend real vegetarians. Meal planning on this kind of diet takes some serious creativity. I love my ginger tofu stir fry, but I caught some hints that it's getting played out.


Michelle from Full House rolling her eyes

I wish I could say eliminating meat is saving me money at the grocery store but it's not exactly working out like that this time. Having to replace ALL of our food after the move = somewhere around $400 worth of groceries since the end of December. Shit. I need to go clip some coupons.

I think my mistake was asking my husband to accompany me on my weekly trips to Kroger. Take my eyes off him for 60 seconds to look at the sale prices and as I make my selection and turn back toward the cart, I see his arm extended grabbing whatever savory item caught his big hungry eyes. The guilty look on his face or the way he tries to avoid eye contact when I see him...

Eff my grocery list I guess. Just grab it all then.

Kristen Bell throwing all the chips in her grocery cart

I have noticed that I don't really feel full after finishing a meal, I don't catch the itis eating vegetarian, and so far my self-diagnosed IBS hasn't run me to the bathroom in the middle of my dinner either. My best friend is going to read this and tell me that means I need to give up meat forever. I'm going to roll my eyes and tell him "never," and then we'll go back and forth like kids until someone changes the subject.

For shits and giggles I've been drinking my cranberry juice out of a red wine glass. Still channeling my inner Olivia Pope with my regular ass drink.

Olivia Pope drinking wine

Turns out our realtor, turned friend, is implementing mindful drinking as well. We went out to dinner with him a couple nights ago and all 3 of us awkwardly turned our backs on the bartender when she asked us if we wanted a drink. Probably not the best place to stand while we waited for our table.

I occasionally wonder what's going on in the world. Social Media keeps me informed. I'm sure it's the same old same old though, another engagement, another baby announcement, another ridiculous Tweet from Trump at 2am, or FB rant about someone's baby daddy not coming through for his kid. Yadda Yadda. I'm probably not missing much there.

I am probably missing a whole lot when it comes to my girls though. They have my number. I have theirs. But there usually isn't much exchange if I'm not in the thread actively communicating. Interpret this as you wish. This isn't the first time I've disappeared from GroupMe. In the past it's usually after conflict with one of them, which then results in me telling myself that I clearly still need to work on me and it's time for some solitude. Which leads one particular woman in the group to try to psychoanalyze me and let me know that I'm extreme and internalize everything. *Yawn*

One thing I can admit is that whenever I take breaks from GroupMe I feel so at peace. Extreme or not. I see less F Bombs being thrown around and I throw less of them around too. I don't see or partake in gossip. I don't have to look at the play by play of the Black Ink or Love & Hip Hop episode currently playing on television. Zero ratchetness. Zero shade. A lot less laughter sessions and unnurtured friendships though. Pros and Cons.

But mostly it's just peace and quiet and getting shit done.


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