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It's official! UnKajed Thoughts 2.0 is here!

I started this blog just under a year ago and recently decided to take a step forward. This move came after a much needed moment of clarity almost 2 months ago.

I have felt the tug to do this for quite some time, but pulled harder in another direction for various reasons. My heart has been begging me to nurture my creative interests and focus on my writing all year long. But since I prefer perfectly crafted plans with a clear outcome, I neglected to give my heart what it really wanted - because I didn't know where this path would lead, I didn't know what was waiting for me down the road, I didn't know how long it would take to find out, and I didn't know at what point I would get to take back some of the financial burden my husband carries on his shoulders.

Well, I finally decided to put all that to the side, stop resisting, and go for it. Do it scared, right?!

When I made the pivot, I chose "Freedom" as the central theme for the blog moving forward. It's interesting though, as I was migrating all my posts to the new website, I read each one over. When I got to the end of my very first post, I had my aha moment. I felt like a slight dunce at first, but I realized that things had come full circle.

When I started this blog, I was just sharing my personal journey, writing whenever inspiration hit. I had no idea where this would lead or what topics I would eventually focus on. Freedom. It was there from the very beginning, but in my attempt to remain in control, I missed it. It went right over my head, but I'm back on track and acknowledge that this is the path I should have been following all along. I'm grateful that when I get lost, He's always there to set me straight and help me find my way again. I strayed, but was redirected right back to my writing, to UnKajed Thoughts, to freedom.


One thing I would like to point out is that I am launching this site in an unfinished, but good enough state. I am a recovering perfectionist and practicing the art of letting people see me and my work "in progress." Consider UnKajed Thoughts to be a canvas, a work of art, always in progress, constantly under construction. Because that's exactly what we all are, at all times, a work in progress.

I kindly ask for your grace and to please excuse any kinks you may find. I also thank you in advance for alerting me to any issues here on the new website! I love feedback and yours is much appreciated.


Please also consider this to be me closing out one chapter and turning the page to start a new one. This is my one and only notice regarding this move and this announcement signals the official end to my WordPress website.

When it's time to close a chapter, we must do just that, turn the page and move on. Our tendency, at least mine, is to try and hold onto things we need to let go of while simultaneously trying to move on to something new, which ultimately puts us at a standstill. This is something I am trying to move away from and this is my first step at doing that.


UnKajed Thoughts is evolving into a platform that strives to build a community of women in pursuit of freedom and living an authentic and meaningful life. I will continue to share my journey and my story, but will primarily be writing in the context of freedom and discussing some new things. 

You can look forward to more frequent and regular communication from me, a Facebook community group, the opportunity to help me support both survivors and those at risk of exploitation, and the chance to share your own freedom story.

Stay tuned for updates!


And finally, if you're reading this, Thank You. Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, thank you for being here. Thank you for walking this journey with me and being a part of a community I never expected to build, but am grateful I did. It means the world to me and I hope we can continue to walk alongside each other over here.

If you are interested in continuing to walk this journey with me and receiving updates as they come up, feel free to subscribe via email, or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram here and here

Stay tuned for the blog's new custom logo coming soon!

Break through. Be free.

Until next time,



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