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Updated: Dec 23, 2019

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“What if you aren’t supposed to start your business here, but in another country? What if we’re supposed to live in a developing country and make an impact there? What if we’re supposed to raise our future kids somewhere else?” my husband asked me.

His 'what if' questions stayed with me throughout the next week when he was out of town traveling for work.

“What if?”

A question that can open up a world of possibilities. A question that forces us to use our imagination and creativity to answer what follows those two words. A question that leads you down a path you never expected to travel.

While my husband was away for work I happened to stumble across something called a Freedom Business on the website of an organization I am planning to partner with.

“Interesting,” I thought and emailed him the link.

“What if we start a Freedom Business that provides economic opportunities to women and girls at risk of forced prostitution?” I asked myself.

I am learning that the best way to figure out if we’re supposed to move in a particular direction is to actually do something to move in that direction.

Asking questions compels us to search for answers. Finding answers leads to clarity. Action moves us toward Yes. Inaction keeps us at No.

When was the last time you played around with some “what if?” scenarios?

“What if I finally ask for that promotion I’ve been waiting for?”

“What if I go back to school and pursue a different career path?”

“What if I had enough passive income to quit my job?”

“What if I purchased that camera I’ve wanted and signed up for a photography course?”

“What if I wasn’t afraid to take that first step?”

What if you ask yourself “what if?” and let your mind lead you somewhere unexpected and magical?

My husband’s “what if’s?” led us to India, where we will travel to next fall for our first mission trip and get “to be part of God’s movement toward radical freedom.”

Where will your “what if?” lead you?

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